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VMUG on podcast, the follow-up

We had a great discussion on the podcast and even finished up with some discussion around operational and organisational issues afflicting virtualisation projects.  This user to user sharing is what VMUG is all about.

To find out if there’s a VMUG activity in your area head over to the VMUG Events page.

If you are in Melbourne then there is still time to get to today’s meeting after which the is a vBeers event

One of the topics we discussed is the very valuable VMUG advantage program, which provides access to a wealth of VMware related benefits.  The  eLearning courses alone are great value and there’s a 20% discount on instructor lead training too.

Finally if you think you might have something worth saying at a VMUG, particularly if you’ve done something useful or different or have solved some problems and are proud of what you did then your local VMUG leader would love to hear from you.  Virgil has put together an example of some PowerPoint slides that help to get the talking started.

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