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APAC Virtualization Podcast from VMworld

While I was at VMworld I spoke to some vendors in the solutions exchange about interesting products, I’m assembling these into half hour podcast sessions.  The first of these is now on Talkshoe, like the other offline recorded sessions.

In the first instalment I have a chat with Teradici about their Apex 2800 server offload card which should be available before the end of the year.  For a video demonstration of the offload card take a look at David Wakeman’s video.  The big surprise for me was the projected cost, around $2000 for the card!  It will be a no-brainer for enterprise deployment.

The next vendor in the podcast is Gale Technologies who I initially mistook for a cloud vendor, but their product is for building your cloud.  Gale Force is the product that automates all of the provisioning for a cloud provider, it looks pretty cool.  My inspiration to stop and talk to Gale was Greg Shulz, talking about manageability and cloud operations when we met on the vDestination podcast recording.  Gale Technologies also got named in the Virtualization Review Best of VMworld 2011 Also in the list was Tintri that we’ve spoken to in the past an Nutanix that I wanted to get recorded on the podcast but didn’t quite manage to time right.

The final vendor is one I have talked about a lot but never seen.  Texas Memory Systems make extremely high performance SANs, historically using RAM as the primary storage, not just cache and called RAMSAN.  The current products have moved to using enterprise flash, in capacities as high as 10TB in a 1U case and delivering 320,000 IOPs.  In addition they have a PCIe SSD that could be fitted in an ESX host delivering a vast amount of IOPs for caching vSwap or View 5.0 Composer images.

Watch out for the second episode in a couple of weeks.

You may also notice that there’s been a leap in production values in this podcast, let me know what you think.  Also thanks to Kelly who was on reception at the Holiday Inn Old Sydney last night and provided the voice for the introduction.

I will also be documenting my thoughts and impressions from VMworld on by personal blog as they become fully formed.

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