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Community Party before vForum Sydney 2011

Inspired by the VMUnderground party and the vBeers movement I am organising a community party the evening before vForum Sydney.

The aim of the event is to allow people who are involved in virtualisation to meet up with like minded souls.  I know I have met a lot of talented and interesting people though the courses I teach and the conferences I’ve been to and I’d like to extend the opportunity to others in the industry.

At this stage the event is vBeers format, that is turn up and chat, pay for your own drinks.  I am still hoping to get some sponsorship to take the whole thing towards the VMUnderground level of awesome.

Please register for the event at the web site as I need to know numbers and may have to cap them if we get too large, also if we do get sponsorship it will be registered guests only.

Hope to see lots of you there, I’ll be the tall guy with very little hair on his head (or at least one will be me).

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