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VMdownunderground 2012 party

The party was a great success again, to the awesome sponsors Veeam and Netapp we were able to gather and socialise before the main event. The event is publicised by word of mouth and social media among the people doing virtualization, the technical people who design, install and manage solutions.  This year we collected a ticket price of $5 per ticket and after the Eventbrite and credit card fees were settled we have donated over $400 to Bear Cottage. Incidentally it was Anastasia at Veeam who suggested the charity, a great choice of an organisation to help.

The Pumphouse was pretty busy downstairs when we started, giving some people a little trouble to find us until the Veeam banner was erected.  My friends Andrew and Craig manned the door, leaving me free to socialise the whole time, a great help to me so thanks guys. These guys also handed out the Veeam swag, a rather entertaining looking USB hub in the shape of a stick figure person, and the door prizes from TrainSignal for some lucky attendees. Upstairs in addition to the food and drink there were bags of T-shirts from NetApp, just like last year the rather geeky lettering on them glows in the dark.

IMG_1168 (765x1024)

I was pleased to hear people who had only talked online meeting up in person and really happy to talk with so many new people. Once again I failed to take a lot of photos and my phone camera had a lot of trouble with the light, these should give you a feeling of what went on.



Christine Partridge (Veeam) Eugene Geaher (VMware) Nicki Pereira (Zettagrid) Anastasia Chernyshova (Veeam) (1)

The TrainSignal Door prize winners:

David Byrne, the leader of the Tasmanian VMUG gets some vSphere training.

photo 1

Daniel Martushev who gets to brush up his vSphere networking skills, clearly his chicken skewer holding skills are already second to none.


Paul Hedland with a blur of vSphere Site Recovery Manager training.

photo 3

The guys from Lazu got vSphere training and a T-shirt, I completely failed to get their names but had a great chat with them.


I’m expecting that the VMdownunderground party will make a return next year, so book the week of November 20 & 21 in 2013 for vForum and VMdownunderground.

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