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Episode 66 VMUG Conference warm up

The Sydney and Melbourne VMUG User conferences are only two weeks away.  We’re assembling as many of the speakers as possible to join the podcast and outline some of what they are presenting. From International superstars like Stephen Foskett and Mike Laverick to the local heroes presenting community content at the Melbourne conference there will be a collection of people to talk with and ask questions.

Join us live or download afterwards, either way don’t miss the discussion.

Start Time (GMT+11): 23 January 2013 9:00 PM (EDT Sydney)
Duration (minutes): 45

Talkshoe Call ID: 75046

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Other Time zones: 

New York (USA) – 6AM
San Francisco (USA) – 3AM
Perth (Australia) – 6PM
Hong Kong (Hong Kong) – 6PM
Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) – 6PM
Tokyo (Japan) – 7PM
Auckland (New Zealand) – 11PM
London (UK) – 10AM

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