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Episode 71 – Virtualization Security Basics/Bare Minimums

Episode 71 – Virtualization Security Basics/Bare Minimums

Join Craig Waters @cswaters1 (vCatchup) in a discussion about Virtualization Security Basics/Bare Minimums with GS Khalsa @gurusimran.

**Begin Show Notes

Please reach out if you have a topic you’d like to cover on APACVirtual, here’s the schedule, we’re always open and keen to talk 🙂


Craig Waters @cswaters1                                 http://blog.rack.org.au


For this episode we had the following guests live on call & in the chat room:

GS Khalsa @gurusimran                      http://vbrowncoat.com
Stuart McHugh @stu_mchugh         http://www.stumchugh.com
Michael Poore @mpoore                    http://vspecialist.co.uk

Thanks for being a guest on the show, APACVirtual really appreciate your support!

Here are the links mentioned in this show: –

vSphere 5.1 hardening guide by @mikefoley http://communities.vmware.com/docs/DOC-22783

Security related Podcasts: –




** End Show Notes

Start Time (GMT+10): 17/04/2013 9:00 PM (AEST Sydney) – Note timezone change!

Duration (minutes): 45

Talkshoe Call ID: 75046

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