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Episode 82 – APACVirtual / vSoup mashup live at VMworld Barcelona

Episode 82 – APACVirtual / vSoup mashup live at VMworld Barcelona

We tried to organise a live podcast for this episode, but the scheduling gods were against us so it ended up being a pre-recorded affair, apologies!  But it was great finally meeting the guys and getting the chance to criticise with some like minded individuals 🙂
vSoup Special Edition #6 What? No Potato?!
In this special VMworld Europe recording, we are joined by Craig Waters from the APAC Virtualization Podcast and our usual VMworld stand-in, Ed Griegson. For once, Christian managed leave Norway and join the party, but this time Ed is missing.

This is decidedly the most ghetto recording we have done; Recorded on Craig’s iPhone connected to Christian’s microphone via Bluetooth with the same microphone connected to Ed G’s Macbook for power. Ed talks via a Skype connection on Christian’s iPhone which in turn is connected to an external speaker.

All of this just because the vBrownbag Crew packed their things together on wednesday. Slackers.

Oh well, enjoy this weird (yes, it´s back) roundtable discussion of all things VMworld, and a few things that are not. Oh wait, why did we need a stand in? Turns out we did not need one, but Ed G is always good fun.”

Check out the guys at vSoup on their podcast over at vSoup.net

Please reach out if you have a topic you’d like to cover on APACVirtual, here’s the schedule (there are still openings for 2013!), we’re always keen for new topics 🙂

Start Time (GMT+10): Wednesday 16th October 2013 9:00 PM (AEST Sydney)

Duration (minutes): 45

Talkshoe Call ID: 75046

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