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Wanted: new host for APACVirtual Podcast

I hope everyone has had a great start to 2014! The purpose of this post is really to put my hand up to say I’m not able to give my best to APACVirtual anymore with my work commitments and to shout out to the community to hand over the project to someone with fresh enthusiasm and interest.

I’ve finally realised that I’d prefer to do few things half well than lots of things badly and as a result of this I’d like to ask if anyone would be interested in taking over the Podcast?  It would be a shame to see this podcast finish at episode 83.

So before looking forward, let’s look back and bask in some of the highlights of my hosting the podcast: –

  1. VCDX podcast with some great attendees
  2. VSA podcast
  3. vCloud Powered Service Providers
  4. Coverage of various VMworld/vForums/VMUG User Conferences
  5. Virtualisation Podcast Roundup
  6. Engineers Anonymous series, I think these was the best podcasts I did, some great information on being in Presales, an Architect, Evangelist, TechMarketing, Marketeer
  7. SDN & Virtualisation from a Network Engineer
  8. Technology interviews with a number of Vendors
  9. Openstack and Open Compute.

Let me know if you’re interested via twitter @cswaters1 and thanks for listening/participating!

Now is your chance to join the APACVirtual hall of fame previous list of hosts: http://apacvirtual.com/meet-the-hosts/ that include @andreleibovici @DemitasseNZ @Rodos @RomanT Look where they are now!

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