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…and we’re back! With 5@FIVE podcasts!

Episode 84 – Interview with Andrew Bent from UE

It’s been quiet here at the APACVirtual for far too long, but we’re getting back on track and the APACVirtual crew are returning

5@FIVE is a technology podcast, conducted with “C” level staff working within Enterprise IT, for consumers of technology.
It comprises of five questions and the interview is conducted within five minutes (hence 5@FIVE). The questions within each interview are kept the same, so that the listener can draw a contrast between different approaches to similar challenges across the enterprise IT sector. This is a customer, or consumer take on market trends.
5@FIVE Questions:
  1. Please state your name and job title?
  2. Please describe your organisation and IT’s function within it?
  3. Please describe today’s biggest (virtualisation) technology challenges?
  4. Please describe tomorrow’s biggest opportunity?
  5. How do you describe your job to non IT savvy friends?

Here’s the first Interview with Andrew Bent, Technology Architect at United Energy.


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