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5@FIVE podcast with Cumulus Networks

Episode 85 – Cumulus Networks

5@FIVE is a technology podcast, this week our topic is Next Generation Data Centre Design and we’re talking about Software Defined Networking (SDN) which is a key technology enabler when considering how to design web-scale data centres.

It comprises of five (ish) questions and the interview is conducted within five minutes (hence 5@FIVE). The questions within each interview are kept the same, so that the listener can draw a contrast between different approaches to similar challenges across the enterprise IT sector.
5@FIVE Questions:
  1. Please state your name and job title?
  2. Who is Cumulus?
  3. What type of organisation is Cumulus aimed at?
  4. What is driving data centre change for organisations including service providers?
  5. What are the benefits of decoupling hardware from software?
  6. As a result of this decoupling would you see hardware architecture becoming standardised regardless of the underling workload?
  7. How are you seeing take up of this from existing hardware vendors?
  8. Tell us what ONIE is about?
  9. Does the SDN Concept simplify network design and management?
  10. Are you seeing a change in the way networking typologies are being designed and deployed with the introduction of automation?
  11. Why are these design changes happening now?
  12. What’s your advice in preparing for these network changes?

Next Generation Data Centre Design – SDN Networking, by Cumulus Networks with Doug Youd @cnidus and @infrx


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