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5@FIVE podcast with Kaseya

Episode 86 – Kaseya

5@FIVE is a technology podcast, this week our topic is Next Generation Data Centre Design and we’re talking about Cloud Device Management which is a key technology enabler when considering device management in the cloud.

It comprises of five (ish) questions and the interview is conducted within five minutes (hence 5@FIVE). The questions within each interview are kept the same, so that the listener can draw a contrast between different approaches to similar challenges across the enterprise IT sector.
5@FIVE Questions:
  1. Please state your name and job title?
  2. What is Kaseya?
  3. What problems are organisations facing with enabling mobile workforce and BYOD?
  4. Can you provide some use cases / examples of what you are seeing use cloud monitoring/management platforms for and what benefits they gain?
  5. In terms of platform adoption what kind of devices are you seeing organisation manage with Kaseya?
  6. What is the key difference between cloud management platforms today compared to device/application management 5 years ago?
  7. Whats the major outcome when utilising  elastic, cloud-based management platforms?
  8. How restrictive is Kaseya’s automation across other platforms?
  9. How can organisations prepare for this change in monitoring/management?

Next Generation Data Centre Design – Cloud Device Management, by Kaseya with Byron Watson @byronjwatson and @infrx


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