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5@FIVE podcast with MetaCloud

Episode 87 – Metacloud

5@FIVE is a technology podcast, this week our topic is Next Generation Data Centre Design and in this episode we’re talking with a cloud solutions company that providing OpenStack-based clouds for the enterprise call Metacloud.

Founded in 2010 by senior architects from the world’s largest web commerce and technology companies, today Metacloud deploys and supports production clouds for Fortune 500 companies across a diverse range of industries.

It comprises of five (ish) questions and the interview is conducted within five minutes (hence 5@FIVE). The questions within each interview are kept the same, so that the listener can draw a contrast between different approaches to similar challenges across the enterprise IT sector.

5@FIVE Questions:
  1. Give us an overview of Metacloud and what you do?
  2. Why do you think OpenStack is starting to take such a major foothold in Enterprise IT?
  3. What are the key differentiators for OpenStack?
  4. What’s been your experience of production adoption for OpenStack and at what scale of deployments?
  5. What does this style of architecture provide to customers compared to traditional Enterprise IT architectures?
  6. So internal IT are trying to mirror cost benefits of public cloud and OpenStack can also assist with this by enabling migration from different cloud vendors?
  7. Are you seeing customer build their own automation or do they come to Metacloud for this?
  8. Why are you seeing this level of traction in the market around OpenStack based solutions?
  9. So is it ‘Enterprise ready’?
  10. Would you say organisations don’t need to know much about OpenStack when using Metacloud as you provide all the integration components required?
  11. What advice would you give on logical steps / preparation for getting into this style of architecture?

Next Generation Data Centre Design – OpenStack-based clouds for the enterprise by Metacloud @metacloudinc with Bill Harper and @infrx


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