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Episode 88 – 5@FIVE with Open Compute

Episode 88 – Open Compute

5@FIVE is a technology focused podcast, this week our topic is Next Generation Data Centre Design and in this episode we’re talking about Facebook’s infrastructure on Open Compute.

5@FIVE was originally supposed to be 5 questions in 5 minutes but there’s just too much detail in life to keep this simple rule in place, so we still like the idea and have kept the name but there will be more questions over a longer duration (but not too long).  Thanks for watching/listening!


5@FIVE Questions:
  1. Introductions (name, company and background)
  2. What do you believe is driving change in the data centre
  3. How is this change simplifying DC design
  4. What does this simplicity mean to end users
  5. Why is this change happening now,
  6. What simple steps can users take to be ready for this transition.

We’ve also included a link to the YouTube video so you can see the slides Charlie refers to: –

Next Generation Data Centre Design – @facebook‘s Infrastructure on @OpenComputePrj with Charlie Mantese and @infrx
Listen to the podcast on Talkshoe: –

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