APAC Virtualization Podcast

All things virtualisation in the APAC region

A guide for guests to the podcast

A little about the, APAC Community Virtualisation Podcast:
It lives at http://www.talkshoe.com/tc/75046 and is run on a voluntary basis
The podcast aims to be a forum for the discussion of all technologies around multi-vendor virtualisation
The audience are virtualisation professionals, designing, implementing and supporting virtualised environments, they are virtualisation evangelists
The format is a live recorded podcast, it is open for people to phone in or follow on streaming audio as well as to download after the call. During the call there is text based chat to allow followers on streaming audio to ask questions.
The call runs for 60 minutes with a mix of prepared topics and questions from participants
The recording occurs at 9pm Sydney time on every second Wednesday
Technical content is preferred over marketing, real world experience and applicability is best
There are usually between five and ten people dialed into the call and from ten to forty in the streaming audio and chat
The podcast was founded and is usually hosted by Andre Leibovici http://myvirtualcloud.net/.  Alastair Cooke http://www.demitasse.co.nz has joined Andre as host.  The host of the show usually agrees subject areas with the guest prior to the call to allow good flow in the call.  The hour of recorded show passes faster than most guests expect and the questions from other participants can be the most interesting part of the call.
Guests should sign up with Talkshoe and can access the call either through an Java based VOIP client (Shoe Phone) downloaded from the Talkshoe site or by dial in to a US based number.  Skype works well for the dial in to the US number, but has added cost as Skype-Out is required.
The dial in number is +1 (724) 444-7444 with a call ID of 75046

If you are using Shoe Phone, which is part of TalkShoe Pro, on Windows 7 you will need to set application Compatibility to “Windows Vista” in order to avoid Java errors.

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